Registrants List

NUM First Name Last Name State Class Transponder No. (include ID# if applicable) Sponsor details Payment Status
61 Harry Simms WA 872211p Maxima mugen Paid
62 Llewyn Fry VIC 1976215 Paid
63 Steve Baric VIC Buggy 3249494 None Pending
64 Kyle McBride QLD 1234567 Infinity, Proline, Reds Paid
65 Kyle McBride QLD 1234567 Infintiy, Proline, Reds Paid
66 Kym Nuske SA 8174254 NEO+, RCHZ, MMI, Reds Racing Paid
67 Damien Ebenwaldner VIC No idea Nil Paid
68 Caleb Noble QLD Truggy 6071969 Mugen Seiki, Reds Racing, Neo+ Pending
69 Caleb Noble QLD Buggy 7784815 Mugen Seiki, Reds Racing, Neo+ Pending
70 Aiden Pallant SA Truggy 5109538 Danger Moose Racing, AKA, KERC Pending
71 Aiden Pallant SA Buggy 6924809 Danger Moose Racing, AKA, KERC Pending
72 Adrian Riggs WA 2837485 MMI Reds Neo+ HotRaceTyres Paid
73 Brayden Johnston WA 9132778 JQ, Replay, JC, Tekin Paid
74 Darren Perry QLD 6286251 Coast2Coast RC, Tekno, VP Pro Paid
75 Michael Stone NSW 1234567 HEI, XRAY, FX ENGINES, HUDY, Pending
76 Oscar Pedersen NT 6611345 Mum and dad Paid
77 Oscar Pedersen NT 8560956 Mum and dad Paid
78 Michael Pedersen NT 7509830 Pedersen pty ltd Paid
79 Steven Madziara TAS Truggy 3659659 Pending
80 Steven Madziara TAS Buggy 7858676 Pending